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    domain registration malaysia

    Easy, Quick, and Cheap Domain Registration Malaysia

    domain registration malaysia
    On the internet, choosing correct web hosting which is suitable for our hosting necessities is the first step in building a new website. Domain is a term referred to the naming identity used globally on the internet network for various kinds of purposes such as making email address, keeping certain brand and trade mark, and many others. Domain registration Malaysia can be one of correct choices you can use if you want to start up a new domain for your new website. There are several types of domain which depends on different aims. Domain .com is usually used for commercial or business websites, domain .net is usually used for network or ISP websites, domain .org is used for organization websites, domain .info is used for open information, .my for commercial or non-commercial used in Malaysia, .ID for Indonesia, and .SG for Singapore, and etc. Nowadays, easiness in accessing information and technology has made it easier and cheaper for people to buy domain name in Malaysia from web hosting. Register a Domain in Malaysia costs from RM37 for domain .COM, starting RM50 for domain .MY, and RM23 for cheap domain Indonesia which can be used for a year and is extendable.There are some websites that also offers free domain. However, if you want a wider access, buying a web domain from trustworthy web hosting would be a good decision.

    Starting Domain Registration Malaysia

    Starting a new domain registration in web hosting Malaysia company is not difficult as it sounds. There are several important steps in completing domain registration Malaysia which can be practiced even by new beginner in web hosting. First, after turning on your internet network, click your browser and open a website which sells web domain with good service and great server support in web hosting Malaysia. You might need to search up on google to get more information about what kind of web domain supplier that suits your network necessities. Second, search for registration box after the website is opened. You can still register to the website without necessarily have to buy any domain name. Third, after filling up the registration form, search domain name filling box to check if the domain name is either taken or available to use. For example, type in the filling box. If the domain name has been used, you may fill up another domain like or in the box. After ensuring that the domain is available, continue the register your domain name by finishing the filling boxes for configuration data, address, purposes, and others. Fifth, do the required payment procedure which is accepted by the web domain seller (if you have any problem, please read this article How to order Hosting at Hostmara Malaysia). You can make payment options with Paypal, credit cards, local bank, and bank wire transfer.

    After that, make a payment confirmation to the customer service of the web domain seller either by email, instant messaging, and or online chatting. You will get a notification email confirming that your new domain is ready to use. Then, you can set the domain server to refer to your webhosting server. You may use several subdomains like,,, and so on. If you already have a domain at another provider, you can transfer your domain to Hostmara easily, we provide domain transfer option when you complete the domain order form. Last, do not forget to extend your domain name once in 11 months or you will lose the domain name because it will not be closed by the main server. Finally, domain registration Malaysia is an easy, quick, and cheap choice to build a new website.