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    Email Hosting Definition

    Email Hosting Definition

    Email Hosting Definition

    This Articles explains about email hosting definition
    Email Hosting service is a service that specializes in email services. Please understanding that email hosting and web hosting its has different services and features, mail hosting server usually did not include web hosting services, the point is you can not publish a website on email hosting services, but can only be used for E-mail Server service only.

    Benefits of Email Hosting
    Email hosting definition service is suitable for use by small and medium businesses who rely on email as a communication medium to customers, by having the email hosting customers can have a custom email with your own domain name for example so as to raise the image of the business of view of client and prospective client ,

    Why not use a free email service?
    Having a business email with the brand itself is very important to your business regardless of the size of business you run. Think about it, you would write an email with the name of the company on letterhead and communication with customers, not this can indirectly raise the image of the business and is a pride for the business or individual who has an email with your own domain name.

    How do I get Email Hosting? offering Email Hosting service company is equipped with a variety of package options Email Hosting and features the latest and best available today. You can manage email accounts freely, technology supports POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4 and WebMail so that you can easily access email using an email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Eudora. Our server technology that we use also supports push email so you can use email in a variety of your favourite gadgets. Webmail feature allows you can also access email from anywhere and at any time when you are not on the computer. Equipped Anti-spam protection and anti-virus.

    Interested to Email Hosting service?
    Please hover your mouse pointer on the menu Hosting -> click Email Hosting to see the details of the plan that we offer, click “Order” on your selected email server plan. For order tutorial please click How to order Hosting at Hostmara Malaysia

    If you have any questions about the email hosting definition and our email hosting product, please contact us or chat with our customer services any time.

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