How to Buy Server Hosting Malaysia at low cost

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Buy Server hosting Malaysia to having a website is a must-have element for everyone who is serious in undertaking online business and commercial line, you have to buy a web hosting (for Malaysian we suggest you to buy server hosting Malaysia). Having your own website page is worthwhile to promote your product or service you offer to the customers. Using website that can be accessed worldwide, your product advertisement can be read and watched by anyone anywhere anytime only with one click. Thus, your product will be recognized not only by local but also global people. Furthermore, having a website will bring a professional image for the company that will raise people’s acknowledgement of the company.

You can buy web and domain hosting from hosting company that can be easily found on the internet. If you have a greater budget for the website, you can expand its accessibility by buying cheap website hosting malaysia. Server hosting is essential as the basic foundation of the website so it can be accessed worldwide without difficulty. There are several elements that should be measured when you want to buy or rent hosting server to saving you website file. These elements are important in order to ensure the best performance from server hosting provider in Malaysia.

How to Buy Server Hosting Malaysia

First, consider the server location. Hostmara is one of cheap cloud web hosting Malaysia located in Malaysia and Singapore is the first key point in determining which server hosting you should select. Server location should be chosen based on where most of your target audiences are. For example, if your website is mostly using English, then the server location would be better in the United States of America. On the other hand, if your website is mostly using bahasa or malay, then you may buy server hosting Malaysia for the ease of access. Server location selection is fundamental because a website whose server hosting is based on abroad server will be loaded 30% up to 50% slower when it is accessed within the country.

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The same thing will happen conversely. A website whose server hosting is within the country, the website will be loaded 60% up to 70% slower when it is accessed abroad. However, you can also improve your website by buying additional server not only from one location but two and more with extra costs. Second, look up server specification offered by the hosting company. In buying server hosting Malaysia, hosting server provider usually offers several types of server which can be set based on your company needs. Check the detail and information about the server provided by them in order to avoid out of date server and old server. Third thing to consider in server hosting Malaysia is PHP Memory and Upload Max.


Actually details of PHP memory and upload max is not something commonly informed by server provider, yet the information about these two elements are important to make the website runs smoothly. For ideals, you need at least 40MB PHP memory and 2MB Upload Max if you want to run a website within WordPress platform with several installed plugin. You can choose server which uses PHP version 5 and MySQL 5. Last, before buying a hosting server, you have to check server hosting provider’s integrity and cheap web hosting Malaysia pricing.

Make sure that the hosting company is not about to go to bankruptcy and closed down bringing along your data, file, and other valuable information. By paying attention to these elements, you will get best server hosting Malaysia with valued price.

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