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How to order Hosting at Hostmara Malaysia

How to order Hosting Hostmara

This article will explain completed step-by-step how to order hosting service at until payment processing and activation of customer orders.

Choose Web Hosting Plans
Visit the Web Hosting
Select a hosting service plans as your needs, then click the button ORDER.
How to order Hosting Hostmara
Type the domain name
Checks domain availability to register, select an extension and proceed with the click of the button Check Availability
Type the domain name

Register a new domain = If the domain has not been registered before
Transfer you domain from another provider to = If you have a domain but want to transfer the domain from existing provider to
Already have a registered domain and order hosting only = If you want to order Hosting service only (you already purchased the domain from other provider)

If the domain still avaliable to register, the page will appear as below:
Register a new domain

Select Registration Period, then Click to Continue >>

Choose Billing Cycle
Choose a billing options for Your order.

Available Addons (Options)
Select available additional to order services hosting, if necessary, on this page there will also be details of the order along with a bill for a hosting service that you order.
Choose Billing Cycle

Your Order Summary will show at the right page
Hosting Order Summary

If you want to buy another products, please click Continue Shopping button.
Finish your order configuration and next to payment process by click Checkout button

Domain Configuration
To optimized your domain configuration, we offer some additional features for your domain, please select as needed, or if it is not necessary you can skip it by Click to Continue button
Domain Configuration

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Order details and Personal Data
Configuration the order is finished, now you will review your details before you complete the order.
order review hostmara

Personal Data
Fill the Personal Data form completely and correctly, this is neccessary as proof of ownership of account.
Order details and Personal Data

If you’ve registered customer, please click the option Registered Customer

If you want to separate the domain registrant information, click the Use Default Contact (Details Above) and select Add New Contact registrar or ignore if the address is the same as the data owner of the account above.

Payment Method Selection
Select Payment Method, Promotional Code (if any), and write additional notes to your order (if any)
promotion code payment method

Please double check your information, if all the details are correct, check the I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.
Finish your order by click Complete Order button.

Invoice Details
Please re-check the details of your billing statement. An invoice is also automatically sent to the email witin few minutes.
The status of your payment still “UNPAID”, make payment according to the method of payment you chose earlier, if the method of payment by Local Bank Indonesia, Bank

Wire Transfer, and Western Union, please note our bank account number, and Western Union payment receiver address listed on the invoice.
hosting invoice details

Transfer total amount as show on the invoice, if your payment through bank wire transfer, local bank Indonesia, or western union, please lets we know if you already send the payment by click Payment Confirmation.

Once we receive your payment confirmation, your order will activate immediately and we will send the account details to your email.

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If have any problems about How to order Hosting, please do not hesitate to contacting us at:
Payment Confirmation (recommended for fast respond)
– LiveChat on the website
– Mobile / SMS : (+60) 149787018 / (+62) 811682661
– eMail: contact hostmara
– WhatsApp: (+60) 149787018
– Skype (call / message): hostmara

Video Tutorial How to order Hosting at

We are waiting for your order.

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