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Standard web hosting features


[toggle title=”Domain Features”]
Unlimited Addon Domains
Domain names that point to a specific section of your hosting, allowing you to run several websites from your single web hosting account.

Unlimited Parked Domains
Additional domain names that point to website, allowing users to reach your website by entering the parked domain.

Unlimited Sub Domains
URLs for different sections of your website, such as subdomain.example.com.

[toggle title=”Server Software Features”]
.htaccess Support
Directory-level configuration file that controls websites behaviour and funtionality at the directory it is placed.

PHP 5.x above
Widely used general-purpose programming language that is specially suited for web development. We always conduct periodical to latest PHP updates.

Most popular programming language that’s built into major web browsers and used to make web pages interactive layout.

Python 2.x
Powerful dynamic programming language that emphasizes code readability.

Apache Web Server Handler
Open-source HTTP server that controls how your site’s web server manages certain file types and file extensions.

Zend Optimizer/Zend Guard Loader/ionCube Loader
Code optimizer that runs the files encoded by Zend Guard and ionCube generally enhance the performance of PHP applications.

Perl 5.x
Cross-platform general purpose programming particularly suited for text processing.

MySQL 5.x mariaDB
Powerful and optimized database management system that is commonly used in web hosting.

cURLSSL Library
A library included with PHP compiler which is useful for tasks like making HTTP requests, submitting form, API, etc.

GD Library
A library included with PHP compiler which is useful for generate any Captcha script on submitting form, etc.

[toggle title=”Website Management Features”]
cPanel hosting management tools, cPanel is most popular, ease, secured, compatibility, and reliability hosting control panel.

Multi FTP Access Accounts
Standard method of transferring files from your computer to web site folders.

Web Statistics Tool – AwStats
Log analyzer which gives statistics and graphical info on the traffic to your websites.

Pre-Installed Scripts
Simply install any of over 300 great scripts with just a few clicks.

Weekly Backup
Weekly incremental backup for your hosting data with 7 days retention period on separate datacenter.

[toggle title=”Email Features”]
Flexible Email Space
Flexibly allocate email and web space without exceeding the total hosting space.

Standard email protocols for email delivery.

Access emails through web-based email program.

Catch-All Email
Receive all messages that are sent to an incorrect email address of your domains to prevent loss of emails.

Email Forwarder
Forward an incoming email automatically to another email address.

Auto Responder
Automatically reply with pre-configured messages to incoming emails.

Email Filtering
Manage & organize the flow of incoming messages into different folders/actions according to specified rules.

iPhone & Blackberry Support
Supports Push mail on your iPhone and Blackberry devices. Supports wwwkol notifications and whitelisting to the Blackberry servers for quickly email arrive to Blackberry device.

[toggle title=”Database Features”]
MySQL Database
A popular database system used on the web and ideal for both small and large applications (support PHP 5.x).

MySQL Database Wizard
A step-by-step tool that simplifies the process of setting up MySQL databases.

A third-party tool in cPanel, used for manipulating MySQL databases over the web interface with ease.
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