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Tencent Application Will Push a brand new Domain Application

Tecent Application Will Push a brand new Domain Application

Tencent company “new beginning point, whole-hearted service – tencent mobile software center in Beijing re-named ceremony” national conference center introduce the new domain application. Tencent formal will “tencent mobile software center” upgrades and re-named “tencent application center”, and release its new domain application., that makes it simple to customers through cell phones, Pad more high-quality mobile terminal to download, more potent and much more convenient, safer mobile application services.

Tecent Application Will Push a brand new Domain Application

This activity of nearly 200 visitors present, tecent company senior executive v . p . LiuChengMin mister, tencent wireless 3G items division XianWen gm Mr Tong to go to and participate to tencent application center to unveil. Famous angel traders uzziel barbarian (micro Po) mister, open application alliance WangYuQuan (micro Po) founder from both Mr Visitors for mobile Internet industry expressed concern within the prospects of the win-win situation. Activities continue to be getting “China worldwide chamber of commerce” intensely TMT co-sponsoring, asked to a lot of ZiXunJie and investment community leaders present, discuss the mobile Internet mutual development prospects.

As may all, mobile growth and development of the web and also the rapid spread from the intelligent terminals, let people no more strange for mobile Internet items. For instance, entertainment and leisure existence tools such application, application, business assistant class application, the machine safety kind programs… Not just give daily decent lives introduced convenience, added pleasure, the greater there is a trend essentially and improve people’s quality of existence.

Therefore, steps to make 100s of countless customers have more high-quality mobile application service, is each mobile Internet practitioners must think about the question. To be able to serve clients, tencent wireless continues to be having to pay focus on how you can have better mobile programs, and for that reason open a brand new mobile application platform. Tencent application center director, stated ZhuTao in activity within the new beginning point, tencent application center will “serves diligently” many partners and mass user software options, download, satisfy demand, management, evaluation, etc.

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For tencent application center “new beginning point, tongchuang future” initiative, founding father of Mr WangYuQuan open application alliance, stated: “mobile Internet and broad prospects indubitability, but exactly how to understand a far more extensive within industry chain deeper and win-win, worth industry think together. Simultaneously, cooperation and development may be the trend from the Occasions. Expect tencent programs center can advance industry chain founded, each link together for mutual development and user provide more high-quality mobile services, offer reference order community of justice.”

Within the conference, the overall manager of 3G items division XianWen wireless tencent tong mister expressed “win-win cooperation good vision” expectation. He stated “win-win development idea and whole-hearted service action, help industry achieve rapid development and win-win”, additionally, “through the years, tencent continues to be insisting whole-hearted service customers. Now, whenever we will service 100s of countless wi-fi user, the greater should insist upon whole-hearted service, develop submit hands with buddies all circles, can definitely improve user’s quality of existence.”

Tencent Online business system ShangDaoSheng in the current senior v . p . in the first China digital creative marketing peak BBS revealed on within the first 1 / 2 of 2011, by authentication space fans, tencent has greater than 2 billion total, its wealthy interaction activities favored deeply by brands.

Borrows SMO “cold rabbit” fans 24 months increase 85 occasions to 17 million

Like a social networking optimisation (SMO) success tales — love tell cold jokes “cold rabbit”, borrows from 2008 SMO fan volume of 20 million development in 2010, development of nearly 17 million, which nearly 85 occasions greater than 70 % from tencent.

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Cold rabbit 17 million fans represent soft promotion marketing ability, with plenty of star, while brand cooperation bring huge commercial interests, business possibilities.

The authentication space already super two million fans several interactive event deeply brands favour

ShangDaoSheng revealed within the first 1 / 2 of 2011, by authentication space fans, tencent has greater than 2 billion total.

As wealthy media platform authentication space, tencent for QQ space YiYue active customers 4.9, its wealthy interactive activities by brand, celebs, institutions, website so the favour of brands new domain application.

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